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December 8, 2021

► "Every day is good at the beach". It must be great if we can take a long vacation to a beautiful island with the blue ocean and a clear sky with beautiful sunny weather. We would like to present the 3D atmosphere of the relaxing Bali seaside bar with the oceanfront view on a lovely sunny day and a perfect selection of Seaside Bossa Nova and the ocean wave sounds in the background. You will feel like Summer is around the corner when you play this video in the background.

The background footage of the Bali Beach Bar & Seaside Bossa Nova Playlist, Ocean wave ASMR in this video is the complete original 3D artwork of CANDY MUSIC LOUNGE. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video and audio is prohibited.

- All music in this channel is copyrighted. We have the licenses and permission of the original creators.

On this channel, you will find great collections of Lounge Music which you can enjoy cozy jazz playlists, soft house music, relaxing tracks which blend well with the original visual works of seaside lounges, cafes, hotel lounges as the background footage to make you feel like you are on holidays. We also added some relaxing ambient sounds of ocean wave sounds, and other background sounds to help you relax. The music will help you reduce stress and get you away from reality. These Lounge Music will be perfect for everyday listening.

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