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April 15, 2022

We're in the era of information overload. There's never enough time to complete all the tasks, and it's impossible to stay focused. The noise from the outside world is too overwhelming, and you need a private atmosphere to sit down and code or work on your project. Listen to the work-friendly playlist, full of emotional melodies that support concentration and energy, which is ideal for late night working hours.
This channel is dedicated to bringing you the most relaxing and peaceful music in the world. With a mix of ambient, new age, electronic, and space music, we strive to offer you the best selection of media for your relaxation and enjoyment.
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Future Garage
Mood: Night, Dark, Future, Calm, Atmospheric, Cyber
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Tiikk - Extremely Far
► 03:21 Storozheckyy - Will
► 07:28 Venus Theory - Icarus
► 10:59 lynchobite - Cold Front
► 14:58 Runafield - Laguna
► 20:33 Menual, Phelian - Streetway
► 24:58 Alexvnder - Fly Away
► 30:51 Kazukii - Nightmare
► 34:01 Nymbus - Smoulder (Hajimari Remix)
► 41:42 Etsu - Wayfarer
► 45:36 Malek - Remember
► 48:53 Earthlinger - I've Died Everyday Waiting For Today
► 50:58 Hollowz - Children (Cover)
► 54:25 Duqa - Tidal
► 59:36 Lazarus Moment - Broken

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