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August 11, 2022

I'm super late to this because I did not know what I'd say, but I feel it's important to acknowledge how far this project had come and highlight how thankful I am to be able to do this. It's officially been a year since chilled cat transitioned into a label and I have had the opportunity to work on some beautiful projects with some super talented artists. We began in the start middle of the pandemic, while I was a full time masters Uni student and shouldn't have had the time to sleep, let alone run a label. Even though most of what I was doing was experimental, since I've not run a label before, we put out some amazing projects and broke a lot of milestones this year. It has been a pleasure working on compilations as well as other projects.I learnt a lot about the business side as well as about the community of the genre and everything I've learnt has made me want to do more to forward this genre and this community. It has been a fascinating journey so far with some solid ups and downs and I've enjoyed all of it. Being involved in the genre like this, I've seen some amazing new projects that have started and have been able to listen to music that I would not have discovered otherwise, that's something I'm thankful for as well. I'd like to put out more, work with more people, and do a lot of new things in 2022. Super excited to see what this coming year will bring, thank you for working with me and listening to the music me and the artists I work with put out there. Stay chill 😽😺
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