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October 27, 2021

Are you looking for a good mix of music to help you get through the day? Do you want to be more productive and find inspiration in your work? Then look no further! Pour yourself some of your favorite coffee, kick back, find a comfortable position, relax and press play. This extra chill playlist is designed to keep you focused and relaxed. Calm and soothing melodies are channeling motivation and creativity that will help you concentrate on the most important projects. The cozy, soft, and smooth atmosphere created by the tunes is perfect for such activities as working, writing, studying, designing, drawing, planning, coding, programming, and almost any routine task or hobby. Inspired by the coffee shop setting, these chillstep tracks are sure to keep you awake. Dive into the positive and mellow vibes of these electronic beats and enjoy your next big achievement!
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Downtempo, Chillstep
Mood: Inspiring, Motivating, Calm, Peaceful, Smooth, Soothing, Positive
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Michael FK, Liam Thomas - Hold Me
► 03:14 AK - Memories
► 06:11 4Lienetic - Feelings
► 10:00 Liam Thomas - Through the Night
► 12:25 Aether - Reverie
► 15:42 Tim Schaufert - Homeward
► 19:05 Michael FK, Faodail - Interference
► 23:49 AK - Lovestory
► 27:21 Michael FK - End Time Delusion
► 31:06 Vonnboyd - She Say
► 34:14 Liam Thomas - Take Apart
► 36:58 Michael FK - Pulsar
► 40:59 Lilysse Collective - Silent Mountain
► 43:33 Grandyzer - Day In, Day Out
► 46:19 The Ambientalist - Ethernal Dream
► 50:36 Alicks - Empty Concern
► 55:09 Aposine - Dandelions
► 1:00:00 Oscuro - Through The Dark
► 1:03:42 Bony Stoev - Violet

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