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January 2, 2022

Check out the fine relaxing music selection created to instantly put you in a good mood!
This chillout playlist featuring smooth and uplifting tracks will help you calm down and get peace of mind — just turn it on as a background music for work, studies or back home chilling! Let the serene sounds of guitar, piano and a soft beat induce a tranquil state of mind and help you relax.

We all have rough days, and at times a nice, soothing tune is all we need to cheer up and feel relaxed and comforted. Music literally has superpowers. Sometimes just a single track is enough to chase away the sadness, to bring a smile to your face and change your entire state of mind. We`re glad to provide you with not just one but 23 of those tracks, which means 1 hour long serenity is guaranteed.
Lay back, pour yourself a nice, fragrant drink and enjoy the music!
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Genre: Chillout music
Style: Chillout
Mood: Calming, Peacuful, Positive
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 The Ambientalist - Love Story
► 03:25 Alyas - Daydream
► 06:41 Killigrew - Otherworld (Wayr Remix)
► 10:44 Nylon - Tomorrow's Morning
► 14:11 Eunoia - Light The Way
► 16:34 The Ambientalist - Calling The Silence
► 19:32 Drip-133 - Thim
► 22:07 Marion - Sleepless Nights
► 25:13 The Ambientalist - Sometimes
► 28:53 Shwin - Surreal (Initiation Remix)
► 33:18 Electus - Birds Of Paradise
► 36:47 Rouftop - NTC
► 40:15 Nathanael Schroder - Good Evening
► 42:29 Noahs Boat and Ghost Dust - The Moon And Me
► 45:31 Pyrosion - Haven
► 48:54 Ferven - Hope
► 52:25 Jellis, Subsets - Reborn
► 55:20 Toteem1 - Float
► 58:22 4lienetic - Parachutes

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