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September 27, 2021

Atmospheric electronic chill beats for inspiration, creativity boost and late night drive. Soothing melodies, Deep Bass and No prominent lyrics make this playlist quite universal and suitable for many different tasks. It’s like you are driving back home after a long day and now you finally can breathe out and relax. Or maybe you need to work after hours and would like to get some motivation and inspiration to complete your projects. No matter what kind of night it is tonight for you - this music will be a great part of it. Perfect for coders, programmers, editors, designers, all creative people and for those who just need some atmosphere to chill and relax.

No bad tracks here, enjoy the vibe, stay creative and dive in to the night flow

🎧🔊 Put on your headphones or use car subwoofers for the best experience
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Chillstep, Future Garage, Wave
Mood: Inspiring, Calm, Night, Smooth, Dark
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Stonemist - Rejoice
► 02:31 Chvrn - Silver Dream (Loneliness Remix)
► 05:06 Genes - These Words That We Can't Get Out
► 09:06 Klimeks - Icebird
► 12:18 Airshade - Never Go Home
► 15:30 Mazen - Lose It
► 18:11 Strvtos Alt - This And You
► 20:44 Isolated - Eternity
► 23:41 Chaos - Save Me
► 26:06 Nctrn - Stay
► 29:06 Da Vosk Docta - One Night In Morocco
► 32:20 Unnholy - Secret Ending (Isorin Remix)
► 36:48 Sorsari - Exeter (Mrkryl Remix)
► 41:29 Honda Civic, Light Blending In - Going
► 44:12 Yung Cortex - Everything Will Come Together
► 47:26 Krvken - Away
► 49:42 Laire - Nobodies
► 52:44 Wrcktngl, Youth - Forgive And Forget
► 55:30 Jetha - Senso
► 59:23 Sheltr, Wrcktngl - Gloom
► 1:03:19 Sanctum - Early In The Morning

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