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image  1 Spring Vibes 2023 is officially happening
April 10, 2023

Spring Vibes 2023 is officially happening! I have wanted to restart my seasonal compilations and decided to begin with this one.Looking forward to hearing everyones submissions!Theme and reference: Think lush green outdoors, cozy picnic mood. Slow and chill. Add a bit of upbeat-ness to it, it obviously gotta be lofi boombap but don't be afraid to make it sound different! I like non-traditional and non-generic stuff a lot.Deadline: 25th April 2023Release date: 25th May 2023Please email your submission to chilledcatmusic and put 'spring vibes 2023 submission' in the titleThe piece should be unreleased, complete with mixing and mastering, and ready to go. No samples are preferred and the piece should be in the .wav format.Note: Art used here is for reference, album art isn't finished yet.Looking forward to hearing some of y'alls stuff!#lofi #lofihiphop #lofiedits #chillbeats #lofiandchill #lofibeats #lofivibes
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