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January 10, 2022

This selection of atmospheric and deep tracks will certainly please all those who enjoy bass-heavy yet chill electronic music with modern 808 style beats. Smooth and dreamy wave music radiates futuristic night vibes that will add some extra style to whatever it is you are planning to do for the next hour. Medium-paced instrumental tracks without prominent vocals can help you to concentrate attention on the task at hand. This playlist will work especially well for all the drivers out there who are looking for a new type of music that isn't played on the radio. Try this mix during your next drive or a commute through the city or when you are working on your project that involves tedious work and requires deep focus. Relaxing, calming yet with a strong rhythm, this playlist will be your source of inspiration and will boost your productivity. "Drive" visuals will certainly appeal to the movie fans and Ryan Gosling admirers.
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Wave
Mood: Calm, Peaceful, Night, Smooth, Atmospheric, Dreamy
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Remnant.exe - Elysium
► 03:23 Burt Dogg - Let Go
► 06:13 Duckem - Iridescence
► 09:32 Roiily - Heart
► 12:46 Vigo - Grayscale
► 15:48 Nvrluv - Little Bridge
► 18:42 Hnrk - Abyssus
► 22:05 Nvrluv - Circle
► 25:11 Svperior Dwells, Noah B, Wtchcrft - Neoprene
► 28:07 Abang Kay - Nautical Dawn
► 31:54 Klimeks - infinite
► 33:53 Ethcore - Density
► 37:26 Klimeks - Phantom
► 40:36 Kiite - Connect
► 44:34 Jack Instinct - Dreams
► 48:04 Cvncer - We Don't Want 2 See You Cry
► 52:08 Layanari - As You Are
► 54:47 Nebel, Alexandra - Stranger
► 57:28 Skaski - Loml
► 1:00:39 Ethcore - Everything We Ever Had

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