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June 5, 2022

Music is a powerful tool for relaxation and focus. When you are struggling with creative blocks or procrastination, it can help relax the mind and put you in a better mood to continue what you have been doing. The right music also has the power to make boring activities more enjoyable. Featuring downtempo and future garage tracks, this electronic music mix creates a relaxing atmosphere. You can listen to it while studying or writing or doing any other activity that requires intense concentration. The smooth rhythm will help calm down after a long day, forget about the daily stress and concentrate on your project.

This channel is dedicated to bringing you the most relaxing and peaceful music in the world. With a mix of downtempo, future garage, chillstep, chillout and ambient, we strive to offer you the best selection of media for your relaxation and enjoyment.
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Genre: Downtempo
Style: Future Garage
Mood: Night, Atmospheric, Deep
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Rautu - We Feel You
► 02:46 Alexvnder - Fly Away
► 07:44 Outrun - Wrong Turn
► 11:14 Vigo - Bright Light
► 14:11 Remnant.exe - Ocean Sound
► 17:28 Ardaleen - Where You Can Walk Between Birds
► 18:37 Throwy - New Day
► 22:18 Remnant.exe - Moonlight
► 25:54 Vaeros - Freeway
► 29:52 Etsu - Kyouka
► 33:05 Elemental - Fade
► 37:40 Vaeros - Mysterious Place
► 41:49 Ardaleen - Walking Between Birds
► 43:16 Lion Forest, Craset - Mile
► 47:13 Earthlinger - I've Died Everyday Waiting For Today
► 48:54 Kim - Reflection
► 51:58 Rivus - Away
► 54:39 Riversilvers - We Need You
► 57:03 Ira - A Goodbye

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