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March 15, 2022

This compilation of soothing and relaxing chillstep tracks is an ideal recipe for chill and smooth workflow. Calm atmosphere created by the instrumentals can help to focus and concentrate on work projects. Inspiring piano melodies can boost creativity and improve motivation. No prominent lyrics means no distractions, making this playlist an ideal background for studies and creative projects. Achieve maximum productivity and enjoy the vibes with this beautiful chill mix.
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Genre: Electronic music, Chillout music
Style: Chillstep, Future Garage
Mood: Calm, Peaceful, Calming
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Eminus - Chasing Yesterday
►03:03 Engvall - Wandering
►06:41 Infinitum - Confusion
►09:20 Izuke - Lightness
►13:06 Tecnosine - Capacious
►16:06 Ttp - Chromefrost
►19:52 Headspace - We Hope It Rains
►23:12 NoizePurifier - River
►24:43 Myst, Enzalla - Resonant Love
►26:33 Miqz - Never Forget
►30:17 Hyphex - Back To You
►35:04 Jak - Astray (KnoppKnopp Remix)
►38:38 Temporal - Good Ol Day
►42:45 Nylon - Eventide
►45:53 Ask - Life of a Piano
►49:13 Xs7 - Freedom
►51:29 Godreran - Subside
►54:48 Luqus - Black And Blue
►57:04 Nexow - With Me

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